Welcome to #FabFridayPost linky!


I have started this linky on 27.09.15 with the intention that any bloggers out there can share anything relating from parenting, lifestyle, crafts, reviews and related competitions.

Starting from 2015, every now and then, I will be inviting a guest co-host to share the hosting with me.

I and if there is a guest co-host will comment on every links and will pick two to be feature on the #FabFridayPost blog the week after.

Please keep it friendly I really would like everyone to enjoy their time on this little linky here.

#FabFridayPost weekly linky open every Friday – Monday, (11:45pm)


Here are the rules:


  • You can link up to 2 posts – old or new, (up to 3 posts when we have a guest co-host)
  • Please remember to add #FabFridayPost Badge – it is only fair that everyone play by the same rule. If not, it will be deleted. Thank you.
  • Share the love – please do not drop and run away! Please comment all hosts posts.
  • And also comment on at least 2 other posts, including one in front of you. It really makes me sad when people do runaway. Please don’t be a party pooper as we will comment all of your posts, so it is only fair that you comment our posts too.
  • PLEASE kindly Tweet me with #FabFridayPost @ethannevelyn to let us know that you have posted and I will RT back. Thank you.
  • By linking up, you are giving us permission to send you an email and/or tweet reminder for the #FabFridayPost each week

If you’d like to keep tagging me in InstagramGoogle+Facebook and even Pin Me – it would be fab and I will then RT, Like or +1.  Thank you.

I look forward in reading all your posts soon! :) X




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Last but not least, for those that have been featured don’t forget to grab your “I have been featured” badge and place proudly on your post blog. It is an honour to have everyone with us here.



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