Family Travel Tips for a Smooth Holiday


Trying to plan a family holiday and keeping everyone happy can definitely be an uphill struggle. Whether your children are going through the terrible two’s or are temperamental teens, you will want to try and make your holiday as smooth as possible to ensure that everyone has a fantastic break that really does feel like that – a relaxing break! If you want to make sure that you arrive back feeling relaxed and not in need of another holiday to get over that stressful holiday, make sure you take a look below at our top tips that will ensure everyone on your family holiday has a great time.


Choose Accommodation Carefully

Family Travel Tips for a Smooth Holiday

Self-catering villas and apartments can be the best route to go down when you are looking for accommodation for your family abroad. With self-catering services, you will be able to enjoy great value for money as you can use the space to cook in and you won’t have to dine out every single night. However, when you are deciding where to stay, while the gorgeous villa with an un-fenced swimming pool and floating staircase looks magnificent, for those with a family, and in particular young children, this may not be the best idea. No one wants to spend their entire holiday running after the kids to make sure they are safe, so when you are choosing accommodation, keep in mind that you need to choose somewhere to fit in with your needs. This could be choosing somewhere close to shops and restaurants, having a beach nearby or having a pool at the accommodation.


What Is the Hotel Room Set Up?

While hotels can be very exciting for children, they are not always the most family-friendly choice if you are looking to have a room to yourself. When you are booking a hotel room, you may want to consider looking at adjoining or connecting hotel rooms. What’s more, you may also want to look at what else the room has to offer such as whether or not is has a bath, a fridge or a balcony.


Ask Others for Their Recommendations

When looking for the perfect place to go on holiday with your family, one of the best things that you can do is get first-hand recommendations from friends and family. It can be really overwhelming trying to find the perfect place that will keep everyone happy. Plus, there is so many amazing destinations for you to choose from that it can be hard to narrow this down and you never really know exactly what to expect when you arrive. So, ask around and get recommendations from those that you know as they will be able to give you a first-hand account of what made that destination so special and why you need to consider it for your next vacation.


Plan Out Your Holiday

What to know before heading on your first family holiday.

While being spontaneous is a fantastic train, when you are on holiday with the whole family, a bit of careful planning won’t go a miss and you will be really grateful afterwards that you took the time out to do it. Although you do not need to pen in every hour of the day, it still helps to set out an idea of where it is that you want to go and the activities that you want to do as this will ensure you get the most out of your holiday and no one will leave feeling disappointed that they missed out on doing something they had been excited about. This is especially true if you are going on a more active style of holiday or visit a city. It is also important to remember to include everyone in the planning process. While you may love to go and visit museums and then have a lazy dinner before relaxing with a drink in hand, this will probably not be every member of the family’s idea of a fun holiday activity. Make sure that you factor in lots of different activities that everyone will love and ask for suggestions so everyone gets their turn. You never know, you may end up with quite the eclectic holiday where you are at a museum one day and a theme park the next!


Pre-Book as Much as You Can

When you have a tired and hungry family, pre-booking everything can be an absolute life-saver! Try and pre-book your accommodation, entry to attractions to get the best deals and skip the queues, car hire and even your valet parking Birmingham airport too which you can find out more on This will ensure that you save money, time and the whole experience should be far more enjoyable.


Try and Learn the Basics of Another Language

While holidays are a time for relaxing and having fun, they are also educational experiences and a great way to embrace different cultures. Learning even just a little bit of the language of your destination is a great way to broaden both you and your children’s horizons and is a practical skill that will serve them throughout life. Before you go on holiday, enhance the excitement by practicing some handy phrases and your accent. This will ensure that your entire holiday goes a lot more smoothly as the whole family will be able to order a meal or have a conversion with hotel staff and locals. Have a look and see what apps you can download that will help you with your conversational skills.




Always Stop for an Ice-Cream

Ice-cream can make any situation better and less stressful so it is a good idea to factor in some stops for this cold treat when on days out. While you may think that the highlight of the day is taking the kids to see a wonderful attraction, chances are at the end of the day their main highlight not be the beautiful views of the grand canyon or swimming in the clear blue ocean, it will be the ice-cream that they were able to choose.


Invite Good Friends

When you are trying to make your holiday as smooth and relaxing as possible, a good way to achieve this is by inviting along some close friends rather than your in-laws. If you both have children of a similar age who get along, this is the perfect excuse to go on holiday together as you can enjoy the time with your friends while the children to are also entertained. What’s also a big win-win with this situation is that you can take a few turns baby sitting each which means you can enjoy some alone time on your holiday.


Stick to Your Budget

Finally, it is also worth noting that if you want to have a smooth trip for you and the whole family then it is important that you stick to your budget. It is far too easy to get carried away while abroad and so everyone needs to be on the same page about how much they can spend each day. Be clear with the kids too on how much this is and you may even want to set them a budget.


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