#ExplorerKids – Round Up #47

Good morning! Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! 💝  Here’s my favourite #ExplorerKids this week. Thank you everyone for your amazing contributions again! For those that are new – then “Hello! Do come and join us here. Remember anyone can join in the fun, you don’t need to be a blogger.” 😄💖💖  

Sarah @kippersandcurtains my lovely co-host and I love hosting this special hashtag. It is very exciting to see kids having such a good time exploring new/ old places from homeland and afar!

Without further ado here’s my favourite fours:

#ExplorerKids – Round Up #47

Top left: @waqonthewildside

At White Bear Lake, Minnesota – Minnesotans know how to do winter. An entire art festival on a frozen lake? NBD. Stole Raphy from his parents for this shot at @artshantyprojects outside the Ghost Shanty yesterday.

Feb 7-14 marks the annual Congenital Heart Defects Awareness Week. 1 out of every 100 babies are born with a CHD (US figures). 25% of those require a surgery (thankfully I did not.) ❤️  to all my fellow defectees, and their caregivers!

Such a wonderful post! Both the photo and bring the Annual Congenital Heart Defects Awareness come to light.

Top right: @mammasschool

Waiting for our tasty bananas to be cooked!! Visit www.mammasschool.co.uk to see what we did.

I love this! Looks like the kids are really enjoying themselves at this school.

Bottom left: @leigh3674

At Waikiki Beach – Imagine if trees give off WiFi signals, we would be planting so many trees and therefore save the planet earth. Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breath, food, combat climate change, clean the air, conserve energy, save water etc……( Monday thoughts) 🌐✈💞🌳👪🌴

Magnificent post! I couldn’t have put it any better.

Bottom right: @maorlan

Buenos días! No os conté que se nos estropeó la nevera en plenas navidades…y por si eso era poco, era de un tamaño tan descomunal que no encontrábamos sustituta para ese hueco. Es de esas americanas.
Cuando por fín encontramos una que quedaba bien, tenían que haberla traído el día 22 de enero y llegó ayer 😨😨😨

Pero lo mejor es que no se podían llevar la antigua porque no entraba por la puerta del Office por 3 mm. Con el tiempo, el marco de la madera se ha ensanchado y no había manera 😓😓😓 De coña!!!
Así que me vi con un mamotreto enorme en medio de la cocina soltando agua con olor a pescadito…llamé a una empresa de mudanzas y les conté la pena de Murcia…funcionó!
En una hora estaban con una plataforma sacándola por la ventana 🙈 y yo con 178€ menos… Era eso o buscar a alguien con una rotaflex jajaja…esto amenizado con fiebre y pasando la fregona al suelo al menos 6 veces…limpia nevera nueva…mete todo en la nevera…empecé a las 10:30 de la mañana y acabé a las 3 de la tarde destemplada y con ganas de matar a alguien 🔪🔪🔪 me fui directa a mi querida bañera con un ibuprofeno 🙈🙈🙈 que siempre lo arregla todo 😊

Google Translations…

Good Morning! I did not tell you that we broke the fridge in full Christmas … and if that was not enough, it was so huge that we could not find a replacement for that hole. It’s from those Americans. When at last we found one that looked good, they had to have brought it on January 22 and arrived yesterday.

But the best thing is that you could not take the old one because it did not enter through the Office door by 3 mm. Over time, the frame of the wood has widened and there was no way 😓😓😓  Of crab !!! So I saw myself with a huge mamotreto in the middle of the kitchen releasing water with the smell of fish … I called a moving company and I told them the pain of Murcia … it worked! In an hour they were with a platform out the window 🙈 and I with 178 € less … It was that or look for someone with a rotaflex hahaha … this enlivened with fever and passing the mop to the ground at least 6 times .. .clean new fridge … put everything in the fridge … I started at 10:30 in the morning and I finished at 3 am in the afternoon and wanting to kill someone 🔪🔪🔪 I went straight to my beloved bathtub With an ibuprofen that always fixes everything.

Oh! What a day! I can see why this photos brings delight in her day. xx

Here are my own favourites:

Remember there are no rules – just be nice and have fun commenting each other IG posts would be wonderfully appreciated.

Have fun! Remember you don’t need to be a blogger to join in the fun! See you next week to find out which four IG #ExplorerKids are to be featured here!

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