BritMums LIVE 2017 #BML17 – What I’ve learnt?

Gosh me! It’s nearly the end of October already?! I can’t believe I still haven’t written this post yet. To be honest I have so much back log – you won’t believe it, but one thing for sure – I was not going to miss this grand BritMums LIVE event!


Okay, so if you are a follower of us on Facebook – you’ll know that my little angel boy had such a difficult morning with me it resulted me running late for the event. But hay – better late than never as they say.

BritMums LIVE 2017 #BML17 - What I've learnt?


Session 1: Blogging with Aby Moore.

I wanted to go to Aby Moore’s session to be there – both to learn and support her, but because of my lateness I was only in there for the last 5 minutes before the little break. Oh well.. But I can assure you, Aby is one of the Best Blogger Teacher there is out there. You can check out her course here:


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Break Session 1: Sketchbook Club is Fab!

There were many brand stands there – but what drawn to me in the first instance was Jennie Maizels’ at Sketchbook Club. She believes passionately that people should be drawing for pleasure as much as they are baking, and that absolutely anyone can draw. It is just the fear of the blank page that stops them. So there I was sitting sketching out the outline of a picture. Once that’s done, I turned it over and rub vigorously on top of the lines – this action transferred it the drawn lines onto the blank page. Then the creation begins. This is what I’ve done with some added photoshop skills. What you you think?

BritMums LIVE 2017 #BML17 - What I've learnt?

It was here, where I also meet the lovely Jade from Mummies Waiting in person. 🙂

Session 2: Who’s Making Money How?

There were four speakers there, but I only found Kirstie Pelling, from the Family Adventure Project to be the most useful speaker that came across. She is very friendly and gives such great guid lines. Here is how she boils it down…

You are not just your blog. - Kirstie Pelling, the Family Adventure Project @familyonabike Click To Tweet


Use your skills…

  • offer to others
  • pop up gallery
  • digital campaign

Find the gap in the market…

  • know what’s your worth
  • press trip
  • packages…
    • e-books
    • pitch – give ideas & figures
    • photostock
    • video
  • Sell it – sell it a lot!

Treat your work as work and not just a holiday – Work, then go away for a holiday.

Invest in yourself – be authentic

Invest in content – promote it with a target in mind.

Take creative risk – write a novel.

Do video series – series of short videos.

Do case studies – research your area and do something unique and exciting.

Recycle your ideas.


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Break Session 2: #AmINumber5 Campaign 

I had my nails painted at BritMums conference. There – a sentence I never thought I would say. lol! There were painted 4 in the same colour and 1 in different colour on the ring fingers. They were for #AmINumber5 Campaign which talks about raising an awareness to help women recognise and understand heavy periods as a common condition which can be treated, empowering them to have informed conversation with their GP, if appropriate, and indeed to be confident in wearing white again. The campaign was organised by Wear White Again. The campaign aims to prompt thought and discussion amongst women… around whether they are one on five affected.

After I came back, Evelyn noticed something different on my hand. Yes, I never paint my nails – well, not since I was at school anyway.

Of course – Evelyn has not reached that stage yet, but I do love how cute her little hands are when I got her nails painted too – just how she wanted.

A Photo A Day #EveryMomentCounts Challenge


I went to the Google Analytic for the afternoon session. I found that rather useful, but I won’t bore you into the technicality of it all. It’s something that all bloggers have to learn – well or that they pay someone to do it for them. I can never stop learning especially in the blogging world. It is always, always a learning process for me. Blogging never sleeps.


The day ended with a round up readings from some of the much admirable bloggers. Some were hilariously funny and some you’d need to be prepared for some heartfelt stories. I was not prepared for that. Thank goodness my blogging pal Lauretta from Home and Horizon was sitting next to me, handed me some tissue to wipe off my messy tears.


Then the grand finale moment arrived – the boat trip along the Thames with City Cruises, where the announcement of all the winners were made. Sadly Lauretta had to go home, so I was alone for a little while until I meet some lovely faces who made sure I was not drunk all alone! 😅 Thanks to Marianne @_maris_world_ , Nomita @yourdiyfamily & Uju @babesabouttown . It was lovely meeting you all!


Of course, it will never be a party when there is no After Party! Most of us headed to All Bar One nearby and I got to chat with a few more famous people and who I admire. I took the opportunity to take a snap shot with them too. I am such a stalker blogger! lol!


BritMums LIVE 2017 #BML17 - What I've learnt?

Top Left: Lauretta Wright, Home and Horizon; Top right: Aby More, youbabymemummy; Bottom Left: Fiona, Coombe Mill; Bottom Left: Tim Liew, Slouching towards Thatcham


The night ended on high note and so much fun that I hadn’t had in ages since I had kids! Nope – no kidding, I don’t go out much at all as you can see. 😉

I also came back with two big bags of goodies. Yeay! I love this part. Hop on to my YouTube Channel now to see what’s inside the bags.



Competition Time!

BritMums LIVE 2017 #BML17 - What I've learnt?

I’m feeling generous today and so I’m giving away some items from the goodies bag. Sharing is caring – right. 🙂 Here’s how to win them!



Thank you so much to my lovely and fantastic sponsor for this great opportunity to go on this fancy blogging event of all time – that is Indigo Herbs of course.




Did you also go to #BML17?

How did you find it? What have you learnt from it?

Good Luck Everyone if you have entered our competition!


Su x

“Pin For Later”

BritMums LIVE 2017 #BML17 - What I've learnt?

BritMums LIVE 2017 #BML17 - What I've learnt?


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  1. 27/10/2017 / 8:39 am

    Looks like a great event with some handy advice for all us bloggers. #FabFridayPost

  2. 27/10/2017 / 11:41 am

    Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  3. 27/10/2017 / 5:29 pm

    Ah wow. I really would have benefitted from this. I defo need roatrebs next time x

  4. 28/10/2017 / 12:40 am

    So lovely to see you there and chat as we sailed under tower bridge – what an experience! Really interested to read about your sessions too as I was in different ones. I always wan’t to split myself in half and attend them all! Love your sketch, I managed to miss doing this despite walking past several times. Great event, roll on next year.

  5. 28/10/2017 / 3:09 am

    Sounds like a great day! Must be hard to choose what you’re going to attend, from all the options. And swag bags, who doesn’t love those?!

  6. 28/10/2017 / 1:33 pm

    It sounds like you had an amazing time!

  7. 28/10/2017 / 5:53 pm

    Sounds like a great day. I need to go next year! #FabFridayPost

  8. 29/10/2017 / 6:53 am

    This is lovely to read as I’ve heard mixed reviews about BML. I think I’ll havs to take a trip next year and find out for myself – plus a day out in London can’t be bad can it?! Thanks for sharing a really positive experience 🙂 #FabFridayPost

  9. 29/10/2017 / 6:16 pm

    Hi, great to read that you had a good time and benefited from some of the talks the goody bag looks great #fabfridaypost

  10. 30/10/2017 / 6:58 pm

    Looks like a really great event Su, and you, you are a Rock Star! I aspire to get to the levels you have reached! I am learning! Thank you for all of your blog support, always! xoxo #FabFridayPost xoxo

  11. 30/10/2017 / 9:25 pm

    I didn’t go to BML and to be honest I think it is a bit big for me, I would feel like a tiny little fish in an ocean! I went to BlogOn and that was lovely and enough for me (plus it’s less than a mile away from me!) #fabfridaypost

  12. 30/10/2017 / 10:38 pm

    It looks like you had a lot of fun at BML! Love the photos!

  13. Hali Kinson
    02/11/2017 / 6:34 pm

    Wow sounds like an awesome day out, j enjoyed reading about it

  14. cheryl hadfield
    02/11/2017 / 11:46 pm

    sounds like a great day

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