Who Am I?

BritMums LIVE 2017 #BML17 - What I've learnt?

Hello & Welcome! My name is Su. I am a mother documenting life. This is a space where I share my emotions in making memories with my beautiful children, hence – E&E was born – Ethan (born 2011) and Evelyn (born 2014).

Why do I blog?

In 2014, I felt the hardship, when we moved out of London, UK, I really do felt the hardship of being a little rather alone. Finding the balance of an extrovert at times and an introvert toddler at some point of other time, plus a newborn can be just a little too overwhelming to cope. I had no one to talk to. Making new friends was hard for both myself and Ethan. We both misses our London friends. Blogging was my way of an outlet. I want my Blog to be a platform of connection in all aspects of our lives to remind ourselves that we still and always have each other no matter what, whilst we are all learning to stride to settle down in our new beginning.


Parent Consultation Day - the highlight and the low down.


I started blogging in July 2015. I have been meaning and wanting to blog for ages as I have read so many wonderful stories out there that inspires me to wanting to write my own experiences too.

I am a stay at home mum even though from time to time I do missed being in an office 9-5 job. All the hussle and bussle. Those telephone ringing in my ears. It was rather exciting to say the least. But those days are over, as I feel that my true calling is to be with my kids. I love being able to have fun and do creative projects with them.



What blogging gave me?



Yes, I found virtual friends to which we meet up and we have become good friends. I like that we can share each other stories of our high and our low of parenthood. We are not perfect and because of this we connect.



My blog was awarded the Coupon Machine Travel Blog Top100 (#37), and nominated for the  in 3 categories:-

  • Best Family Travel Blog
  • Best Craft Blog
  • Best Preschool Blog



Nominated for Top 10 of THE ACTIVITY PEOPLE BLOGGER AWARDS in 3 categories:-

  • Top 10 Lifestyle Blog #2
  • Top 10 Family Blog #3
  • Top 10 Inspirational Blog in Partnership with Geronigo #10


& Being the new editor for BritMums Charity Round-Up


Blogging has change my world that started as originally an online diary but quickly transformed. The blogging community has opened my eyes to another World out there. It gave back my confidence to be creative in my own way, to become more independent, and giving opportunities for my kids to experience many different things that I can not imagine.


Professional blogger 

About Me


My background is Architectural Design, but I’m in love with motherhood and blogging. Though, prior to that I have worked with a Children & Family Social Services; with homeless people at a London Housing Association; an Event Organiser; a Newsletter Editor; a Property Co-ordinator; and an Architectural Junior Designer.


I use my skills to my full advantage from photography; writing; creativity; and crafting. I am now a Freelance Writer, a Photographer, Co-creator of #ExplorerKids IG community (currently with 45K+ contributors and growing). Host of #FabFridayPost and #ExplorerKids Linkys. Plus a Kids Yoga Teacher too! Nope! I can never stop learning!


About Me

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