15 #FabFridayPost linky weeks = 30 #FabFridayPosts | Round Up


This is a post delicate to EVERYONE who have contributed to our little #FabFridayPost linky as a little Thank you token. I have decided to do a 15 weeks round-up post this time as next week will begin a new year. From 2017 onwards I will do a monthly round up instead. I think this will be a better format.


So here is a look back on our 15 #FabFridayPost weeks linky I have hosted with my lovely co-hostesses…

Sarah from The Real Lara Shoe,

Briann from Bumbi’s Mom,

Sarah from Kippers and Curtains

Min from  Single Mum Speaks, &

Guest co-host Becky from And Then There were Two

Honestly, all the ladies above have absolutely been AMAZING host this year. Everyone has so much to offer and bring such wonderful insights and delight to #FabFridayPost linky. I could not have gone through this year without them. A BIG THAKN YOU FROM ME!!! XXX

On that note, we will have to say “Good-bye to Min”. Due to other commitments, she is no longer be able to commit to co-host with us. She has been an absolute super star and we wish her all the best. I am sure I will run into her at other linkys too! XXX


And the 30 favourites #FabFridayPost since our 12 #FabFridayPost linky weeks = 24 #FabFridayPosts | Round Up #4 are…


1. Sarah from Kippers And Curtains have chosen with The Pregnancy Olympics by  Kristin from Four Princesses And The Cheese. Sarah said: Kristen’s post really made me giggle. I remember those days well – the toe pick-up, the stair climb and the out of bed heave really are olympic style sports from pregnant women!

2. Mumzilla with #BLOGGERSBEATINGCANCER. For those that already follows my blog, you will already know that I have lost my dear sister this Summer who has been fighting lung cancer for nearly the last 6 years. This subject is close to my heart and I would like to help and support it to spread the awareness in anyway I can. I hope you can join us on #BloggersBeatingCancer – Friday 30th September at 10.30am, for coffee and a social media thunderclap. Use the hashtag, get your friends involved, get fundraising if you can. Please donate to or share our fundraising page, which is open from today – https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/bloggersbeatingcancer

3. Briann from Bumbi’s Mom have chosen“The Impossible…. Things My Family Cannot Do Under ANY Circumstances” by  Kristin from Four Princesses And The Cheese. Briann said: It was funny and real and many parents can relate. Please check out her blog.

4. Fiona from Coombe Mill with Nature Books and River Art“. I really enjoyed reading this post with all the happy children exploring how to make a nature book from nature! And challenging kids to make the impossible of rock tower in the river. It was such a fun activity to learn. Please check out her blog.

5. Becky from And Then There were have chosen ‘Writer Clap Back’ by Four Princesses and the Cheese. Becky said: “I like how she was defending herself and what she wants to blog about rather than following trends or writing posts just for the sake of it.” Please check out her blog.

6. “Time Goes By…So Quickly” by Kat from Candyfloss & Dreams. I really like how she describe the lack of time to capture everything that has gone by. Things she have learnt so far. It is beautifully written. Please do check out her blog.

7. Min from Single Mum Speaks have chosen “Paternity Leave: a Mr Men guide for new dads” by You the Daddy. Min thought those Mr Men illustrations he did were fab! Please check out his blog.

8. PottyAdventures with “SURVIVING TRIPS AND OUTDOOR EXPEDITIONS WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S KIDS”. I thought this is such an inspiration post. What an amazing experience he has with the kids. Please check out his blog.

9. Sarah from The Real Lara Shoe have chosen How to (Easily) Make Applesauce from Mixed bag Mama. Sarah said: “I love this post about how to make super yummy apple sauce, super easy….take a look it may change your roast pork dinners!”

10. Laura, Five Little Doves, with PREGNANCY & BABY LOSS AWARENESS MONTH. #CAPTUREYOURGRIEF. I feel it is important to spread the awareness of the month of Pregnancy and Baby Loss awareness. Please read Laura’s story.

11. Sarah from, Kippers and Curtains, have chosen Petite Words with “8 Perks of Working form Home”. Sarah said: I agree that being in for parcels, no commuting and the flexibility of is is such a bonus – especially if you have children.

12. Carolina Twin Mom with “Advice For The Younger Me ~ An Open Letter“. I thought this is such a lovely letter to oneself reminding yourself what you have learnt from the past that had made you become you today.

13. Sarah from The Real Lara Shoe have chosen Lisa Pomerantzster with “Let them Play! Wordless Wednesday”. Sarah said: “I love this post by Lisa. They say a picture says a thousand words. This blog post is entitled Let them Play, with no words but great photos of such an important part of life…PLAY”. Please check out her Wordless Wednesday.

14. Burnished Chaos with Words To Live By #3: Find The Fun“. I thought this idea of a week inspiring kitchen noticeboard was a rather good idea. I think we will be applying this motto into our house too. Please do check out her inspiring Words To Live By.

15. Briann from Bumbi’s Mom have chosen Burnished Chaos with Words To Live By #4: Be Curious. Briann said: The message is spot on and so important for parents to remember and encourage in our children. Please take a look at her Words To Live By.

16. “Keeping It Simple: The Splendor of a Modest Upbringing“ by Hooray For Moms. This is such a wonderful read! I love her story of her childhood. Very down to earth which I think many may learn a thing or two from this article including me! Please hop onto her blog.

17. Sarah from The Real Lara Shoe, has chosen Alana from Burnished Chaos with Monthly Bucket List – November 2016‘. Sarah said: I love the way Alana from Burnished Chaos has categorised her monthly bucket list into four sections and her goals seem very realistic. I know I could benefit with some monthly goals. Take a look and be inspired 😀

18. Lisa Pomerantzster with ‘The first Tuesday after the first Monday…’I understand that the US Presidential Candidate race election is well and truly over as Trump will be taking over the White House on 20th January 2017. But boy! I hate to say this; Lisa and seem like the majority of the world’s population does have a point – you know what I mean? One word from me: Bewilderment.

19. Sarah, Kipper and Curtains, has chosen Eric Wood from All in a Dads Work with A Crab and A Whale. Sarah said: I really enjoyed watching the video – no 1. I think I would really love a GoPro camera and no.2 I am mega jealous that he got to see a whale in the wild. 

20. Timothy Hecht from Agent 54 with The Rubbish Ranger versus Foilman. There has been a lot of dismal in the World in the past few weeks. I don’t think I need to mention what is going on in the US, but I think it is also important to look for small changes that we can make – that we can contribute to make this World a litter more better place to live in. I found Timothy post comical yet has a strong message behind it.

21. Briann from Bumbi’s Mom, has chosen “Donald Trump’s Win Made Me A Better Mother” by Kristin McCarthy from Four Princesses and The Cheese. Briann said: I loved her candor and could feel every word. Go and check out her blog.

22. The Quirky Parent by Claire Potter with “A real eye-opener: Visit the National Guide Dog Breeding Centre”I found this really interesting. I had no idea there are so much input into Guide Dog Breeding and what a world of difference they make! Please take a look.

23. Sarah, Kipper and Curtains, has chosen Petite’s post from Petite Words with MY BIG FAT UNIQUE WEDDING- FOR £7000!“. In Sarah’s own words: It reminded me a lot of our wedding last year – it just goes to show that you can have a great day on a smaller than average budget. Please check out her magical day.

24. Laura’s post from Five Little Doves with “MEGATRON – THE “TRANSFORMATION”This is so beautifully written. Motherhood is so so hard. I would not compare it with anything else. It is so true – it is one of the hardest job in the world – no matter what. Please read how her Megan has transformed.

25. Sarah, The Real Lara Shoe, has chosen Claire from The Quirky Parent with Moany, groany kids? Get them to keep a Gratitude Diary. Sarah said: “I love this post. She shares a fantastic idea that has really changed her 9 year old daughter. Give it a read, it’s amazing.”

26. Sonia’s post from Buzymum with “Now It’s December, Let The Christmas Festivities Begin!“. I can relate to this post. It really does annoys me when you see Christmas things goes up in shops in November as soon as Halloween is over. But come December – bring on Christmas I say! Please have a read at her post.

27. Sarah, Kipper and Curtains, has chosen Yvonne’s  “CHRISTMAS GERMAN TRADITION: ST NIKOLAUS“. Sarah said: I really like the sound of this German tradition of leaving out a pair of boots. On the evening of the 5th December children in Germany leave a boot Nikolaus Stiefel (Nikolaus boot) outside their door before bedtime. In the morning, their boots are filled with sweet treats if they have been good. Please check out her blog.

28. Robot Mummy from Kid Gear with “Colour Blind Christmas – Decorations for my Colour Blind Boy“. Robot Mummy walks you through how you can make Christmas better for a colour blind person – in this case it is her own son. Please check out her blog too.

29. Briann from Bumbi’s Mom has chosen The True Spirit of Santa Claus by Eric Wood from All In a Dad’s Work aka @stomperdad in the Blogging World. Briann said that she loves the message in this post.

30. Claire Potter from The Quirky Parent with “If you go down to the woods today: Go fairy-hunting”I thought that this was really cool idea. I wish there are some around here too. My kids would absolutely love them! Please take a look at her post.


And that is it! I have to say this community rocks!

Please do check out the above amazing bloggers.

If you are new to #FabFridayPost linky and would like to link up then please do come by and join us here:


Happy Friday!



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  1. 29/12/2016 / 11:58 am

    Hey Su,
    You are so awesome! I love FabFridayPost and love getting to know you! Merry Christmas to you and yours. I am tagging you with the Mystery Blog Award today. M’wah to you. Thanks for the honor of helping me in my blogging efforts and the warmth of your community! xoxoxo

    • 30/12/2016 / 1:29 am

      Hiya Lisa, you are so awesome too! I also love getting to know you over the year. I hope you have had a great Christmas too! Thank you for tagging me and I will answer to your Mystery Blog Award very soon. It has been a pleasure. xoxoxo

  2. 29/12/2016 / 3:00 pm

    Thanks so much! It’s always fun reading what everyone links up. 🙂 Happy New Year!

    • 30/12/2016 / 1:31 am

      It is a pleasure Alicia. It has been wonderful reading our blog and home schooling adventures too! Have a lovely New Year! xx

  3. 30/12/2016 / 10:47 am

    Wow this is great! I’m saved the page so I can go back and read some of these posts when I get a spare minute (probably on the loo!) I’m hoping to join you for more #FabFridayPosts ☺

    • 01/01/2017 / 2:48 am

      lol! Thanks for reading. They are really great posts above. Happy New Year! xx

  4. 30/12/2016 / 7:19 pm

    Feeling very honored to be a part of this list and this fab community!


    • 01/01/2017 / 2:50 am

      Kristin, you are such a brilliant writer. I really enjoy reading your posts every week! Have a lovely New Year! xx

  5. 01/01/2017 / 11:41 pm

    Thank you so much. I took most of December off so have only just discovered this. Made a great start to my year x

    • 07/01/2017 / 8:03 pm

      Most welcome! We love having your on our little Fab linky! 🙂 xx

  6. 03/01/2017 / 1:38 pm

    This is agreat linky and I have really enjoyed co-hosting with you and I’ve discovered so many blogs here. Sarah

  7. 04/01/2017 / 10:18 am

    Such a fabulous linky and always great bloggers to read! #FabFridaypost

    • 06/01/2017 / 1:27 pm

      Thank you for your support over the year too Mac. It is always such a pleasure to have you here with us. xx

  8. 08/01/2017 / 7:47 pm

    Great round-up. I will try to have a look at some of them. #happydayslinky

  9. 14/01/2017 / 10:17 pm

    Ah a lovely post celebrating others. Thank you for joining us for #HappyDaysLinky x

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