12 #FabFridayPost linky weeks = 24 #FabFridayPosts | Round Up #4


This is a post delicate to EVERYONE who have contributed to our little #FabFridayPost linky as a little Thank you token. Here is a look back on our 12 #FabFridayPost weeks linky I have hosted with my lovely co-hostesses…

Sarah from The Real Lara Shoe,

Briann from Bumbi’s Mom,

Sarah from Kippers and Curtains, &

Min from  Single Mum Speaks

And the 24 favourites #FabFridayPost since our 12 #FabFridayPost linky weeks = 24 #FabFridayPosts | Round Up #3 are…

1. Briann from Bumbi’s Mom has chosen… “A Letter to My Oldest Son” by Eric at All In a Dad’s Work, aka Stomperdad on the Twitter world. I thought the message was especially important and the way in which he wrote it, was beautiful.

2. Reimer & Ruby’s They Spell Love…Time with the all too important message to spend quality time with our children now. Before its too late. 

3. Sarah from Kippers and Curtains has chosen Ah Dad with From Nemo to Dori. The inevitable truth about Alzheimer’s disease. Sarah’s own words: It is a real heartbreaking, honest read about the terrible disease, Alzheimers, comparing it to Nemo and Dori. Please do check out this post.

4. Lisa Pomerantzster with How did You Welcome the Summer Solstice? I mean Wow! What a great community and what a great way to celebrate the summer solstice! I love the love boats and the handmade ink and hand prints. These are awesome! Wish I could take my children there to celebrate too!Please do check out her post.

5. Sarah from Kippers and Curtains has chosen Family Makes with MONKEYING AROUND AT VALLEY OF THE MONKEYS. In Sarah’s own words: -“It looks like an amazing place to visit in France where the monkeys are not in cages.” Please do check out their blog.

6. Cécile The Frenchie Mummy Blog with How to find the perfect Day Nursery. This is a really good list of advice. Finding a perfect Day Nursery is hard and I think Cécile have just the right formula to help you make that decision. Great tips! Please check out her blog.

7. Sarah from The Real Lara Shoe has chosen Charlotte from Petite Words with HOW TO FIND YOUR INNER CHILD. In Sarah’s own words: She talks about feeding your inner child and gives some fab suggestions which will encourage you to enjoy the simple joys of the world. Reading it may just give you a new lease of life!  

8. Stephanie from Our Cherry Tree with Second child, not second placeMy heart just melted. I love this piece. Stephanie have written it so beautifully. I have been meaning to write something like this about about my kids too, but I think she have just written it for me. Please take a look at her beautiful piece.

9. Sarah from Kippers and Curtains has chosen Family Makes with MONKEYING AROUND AT VALLEY OF THE MONKEYS. In Sarah’s own words: -“It looks like an amazing place to visit in France where the monkeys are not in cages.” Please do check out their blog.

10. Cécile The Frenchie Mummy Blog with How to find the perfect Day Nursery. This is a really good list of advice. Finding a perfect Day Nursery is hard and I think Cécile have just the right formula to help you make that decision. Great tips! Please check out her blog.

11. Bumbi’s Mom  has chosen Laura from Five Little Doves It’s Only Weird if You Make it Weird. In Briann’s own words: I applaud her bravery for taking a stand against the mom-shaming that took place over a celebrity showing their child affection. We need to stop tearing each other down as mothers over every little thing, the least of all should be showing affection to your child. 

12. Jade from The Parenting Jungle with “Did I make a boob? Breastfeeding and me.” This is such a wonderful post. My younger sister just gave birth for the first time and things can be a little overwhelming. In Thailand there aren’t breast-feeding support groups as such but she is so lucky to have family support near by. Thank you very much for this supportive post. Please check out her blog.

13. Sarah from Kippers and Curtains has chosen R is for Hoppit with “Toddler Herding: A Practical Guide”. In Sarah’s own words: “I found it to be a hilariously accurate read about trying to keep toddlers in check whilst out and about”.

14. Upside Mum (was awetismblog blog) with This Guy“. I thought this was such ab adorable post. It is about a beautiful relationship of the eldest brother with his siblings over the years. So so beautiful! Please do check out her post.

15. Briann from Bumbi’s Mom  has chosen dad blogger Eric at All In A Dad’s WorkGood Morning Sunshine. Briann said: “The post resonated with me because of my current personal situation. He is right that the numbers don’t matter in life. It’s about quality not quantity kind of message. I have stopped writing for my blog while I deal with my personal life and separation from my partner, but I am still writing for myself. I think that’s important. So that’s my pick”.

16. You The Daddy with Dad in training – from modern man to handy man. I find his blog so humorous and clever in writing style. In this particular review he doesn’t just talk about the product but he actually put the physical hard work into it too. That’s something to be admire for I think.

17. Sarah from Kippers and Curtains has chosen Cheryl from Reimer and Ruby with Day 2 : Dunrobin Castle – Our Scottish Highlands Adventure. Sarah said “I found it really interesting to see pictures of the castle as my family ancestry goes back to Sutherland in Scotland and I think some of my ancestors even worked at the castle.”

18. Tooting Mama with REDISCOVERING ELIZABETH DAVID, THE QUEEN OF FRENCH COOKING. I thought this is such a wonderful written review of the book and the Queen (Elizabeth David) herself. Tooting Mam has got me thinking about how we cook and live in the past. It was a very interesting read.

19. Briann from @bumbismom has choosen Lisa Pomerantzster with Loose tooth, Lost wallet, Lots of drama. In Briann’s own words: “I like the perspective of the post of everyday family life and particularly how everyone in the family is affected by all the little things that happen along the way. A family should be a team during all the small storms too and this was a great post that portrayed just that.” Please do check her out!

20. Little G from myrealfairy.com with Little G’s Olympic runner. I love how confident Little G is on camera. He explores the running beans that he had grown in his green house. It is really fascinating! Please check him out!

21. Eric Wood from All In A Dads Work aka @stomperdad with I Imagine A Day. Eric has written so many inspirational pieces and I think this piece is yet one of his best. He talks about how teachers are devalued in our society compared to footballers, etc, and that we should be more appreciative of their work and effort of valued teacher. Please read this masterpiece post from Eric.

22. Sally from Upside Mum aka sallycinnamon99 with B’s off to school!I love Sally’s perspective of a mum and a teacher with her experience when sending her little one off to first day of school. I think it makes such a huge difference when a teacher does become a parent themselves. Please read Sally’s post.

23. Sarah from the The Real Lara Shoe  has chosen Tooting Mama with HOW TO HELP YOUR ADOPTED CHILD SUCCEED AT SCHOOL. Sarah said: “Tooting Mama shared this very insightful post that speaks of the extra challenges an adopted child has going through school. She shares some great ideas of how to help a child succeed and some extra links for more in-depth information.” Please do check out her post.

24. Raw Childhood aka @JadeLoynes with Our reflux & allergy journey – Part 1. I really like Jade for sticking to her gun with her GP when the GP was being really unhelpful. I think her journey show great courage and that really show that Mama instinct is always right! Please read her epic journey.

And that is it! I have to say this community rocks!

Please do check out the above amazing bloggers.

If you are new to #FabFridayPost linky and would like to link up then please do come by and join us here:


Happy Friday Everyone!

*image source: blog.web20classroom.org

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  1. 04/11/2016 / 9:56 am

    Ah thank you so MUCH! Always feel so much blogging love linking up with you lovelies. Have a fabulous weekend full of wonderful things!

  2. 04/11/2016 / 10:27 am

    This is such a great list of blogs to visit! From your reviews it sounds like there are some really heartwarming stories there. Particularly’ ‘B’s off to school’ and ‘The inevitable truth about Alzheimer’s disease’ I will also be visiting ‘Rediscovering Elizabeth David, the queen of French cooking’. Thanks for the recommendations! #FabFridayPost

  3. 04/11/2016 / 10:44 am

    This is the awesomest group of bloggers! I love this community. There’s so much support it would be impossible to fall 🙂 They all sound so good I don’t know where to start! Thanks for hosting and allowing me to be a part of this.

  4. 04/11/2016 / 10:58 am

    Thanks so much of the mention and thank you for hosting such as warm and welcoming linky – I’ve always felt so loved by you all! Thanks you TMx

  5. 04/11/2016 / 11:14 am

    Great bloggers – glad to work alongside with you Su and help to co-host. Sarah #FabFridayPost

  6. 05/11/2016 / 11:20 am

    What a fab group of bloggers, you work so hard on this linky and I love to join up each week! Thank you so much! #fabfridaypost

  7. 05/11/2016 / 2:03 pm

    What a great list. I only discovered this linky a few weeks ago (third week linking up) and it’s already become a firm favourite with so many supportive bloggers taking part. I love how you are giving them all another shout out x

  8. 06/11/2016 / 2:13 am

    What a nice idea having a roundup post of your contributors. I haven’t seen this before. Very clever.

  9. 06/11/2016 / 4:12 pm

    What a great bunch of posts It’s great to be part of this community. Thanks for all your hard work. #FabFridayPost

  10. 07/11/2016 / 10:42 pm

    I love that you have rounded up (also the fact that I am there too!) 😀 I have bookmarked all of these blogs to go and visit on my christmas holidays from uni 🙂 #fabfridaypost

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