11 Popular Summer Dream Family Holiday Destinations

I think everyone has a Summer Dream Holiday of their own. I know I have. The problem is I want to visit the World! To try to resolve this indecisive decision problem I have, I’ve asked my fellow bloggers about their Summer Dream Family Holiday. Perhaps, this will help inspire me to make my own decision destination by the end of the post.


Let’s hear where their Summer Dream Holiday will be and the reasons why they want to go there:-

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Emma: ettieandme.com : I’d absolutely LOVE to take my family to California! We went on a road trip up the west coast before I got pregnant and it was our favourite trip by far! There’s so much to see and do in the great outdoors from surfing, hiking and camping.. as well as Disneyland, I know everyone would love it 🇺🇸

Emma: happyfamilyhub.co.uk : I would love to go back to the USA with our little one to visit my family and also introduce them to her, as well as taking her on the road trip that we did 2 years before she was born! 

Victoria: healthyvix.com : I’d love to do a road trip in the USA with the kids in a RV! Specifically California and Arizona. I’d love to go up in the mountains in California for the beautiful landscape, but also to visit the beaches, Universal Studio and Grand Canyon. 



Summer Dream Family Holidays

Katie: mumof2point5.com : It has been a lifelong dream to go on an African safari and see the big 5. It would be amazing to take the kids with me. Such a fantastic experience. I’ll make it happen one day!

Emma: emmareed.net : I would love to take the children to Africa and see the animals in the wild. It has always been my dream to go on safari there and I’m yet to do it but I think it would be amazing to watch my children see it all and take it all in. It would be the experience of a lifetime! 



Kelly-Anne: mimiroseandme.com : It’s one of the most beautiful destinations that I have ever been to. It’s full of amazing adventures for both adults and children. The food is amazing. The people are beautiful. And so kind and friendly. A destination for the bucket list. 



Chureito Pagoda with sakura & Beautiful Mt.fuji View

Chureito Pagoda with sakura & Beautiful Mt.fuji View

Kate: fivelittlestars.comMy summer dream family holiday would be to go back to Japan. We went when my babies were 11 months and 3 years and it was the most wonderful cultural adventure but I feel we only scratched the surface and I’d love to explore more and watch them slurp ramen again!



Nadia: scandimummy.com : I would love to go to the south of France. I have fond memories of visiting as a child and my other half speaks French, we love the food and I think it would be amazing. 



Lianne: anklebitersadventures.co.ukMalta – it’s so family oriented and I have family there – the beaches are just amazing – so much to explore and show the babies their cultural roots.



Aragon castle. Hieron I of Syracuse built the fortress in 474 B.C. In 1441 Alfonso of Aragon, rebuilt the old Castle, linking to the main island by the stone bridge. Ischia island, Italy.

Aragon castle. Ischia island, Italy.

Lisa: thatbritishbetty.com : Ours is Ischia and Capri in Italy. My girls and I threw caution to the wind after a bereavement in 2014, emptied my bank account and disappeared to Italy for ten days. We made some incredible memories together, learnt so much from the locals and fell head over heels in love with the country. They still talk about our magical trip regularly now. 💕



Emma: notmyfirstrodeo.co.uk My son starts school in September (so no childcare in the holidays) and I’m now freelance so it’s paving the way for us to spend our whole summer in Ibiza where we have a house. Hot hot summers in paradise.👌🏼



Temple of Emerald Buddha & The Grand Palace | Bangkok | Thailand

Katy: otisandus.co.uk I would love to return to Thailand with our little tribe, the beaches, the people, the food, all out of this world. I have wonderful memories travelling in Thailand and would love to take the kids one day. 



Jen: justaveragejen.comMajorca- we love it there and would happily move there if we could. It’s a short flight and so family friendly. Majorca is warm but not too hot that you are uncomfortable. There are so many lovely resorts all reasonably priced so perfect for a holiday for the average person who hasn’t got a fortune!


All Things Disney

11 Popular Summer Dream Family Holiday Destinations

Photo by Jacob Dyer on Unsplash


Katie: mummysdiary.co.uk : My summer dream family holiday is Disney it’s so magical and wonderful and I love the innocence of it all plus the kids getting to meet their favourite characters and seeing their faces would be amazing! I wish I was still young enough to believe! 


Disneyland Paris

Leigh: dadgeek.co.uk : We always talk about taking the kids to Disneyland but as a more financially realistic option we’re considering visiting Disneyland Paris. It’s where we went on our honeymoon and I think the kids would love it!


Disney cruise in the Caribbean

Star: autismkidsontour.com : I really want to take my kids on a Disney cruise in the Caribbean and visit Disneys private island! We are all big Disney fans and the ships look amazing with something for everyone! I have also always dreamed of going to the Caribbean. 




So what do you think of the above destinations? Any of them entice you to go on that dream holiday? I think we’ll try to make Africa to be on top of our list. Evelyn has expressed that she’d like to visit there one day. 🙂



Do you do have your own dream Family Holiday Dream Destination? Do let us know in the comment below, we’d love to hear your suggestions too.

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Thank you for reading!

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  1. 16/07/2018 / 11:54 pm

    Oh there’s a couple of destinations in this list that I need to add to my travel bucket lists. Thank you for including me.

    • 20/07/2018 / 12:44 am

      Oh Kelly-Anne! I’d love to go to Malta one day. Thanks for your contributions. xx

  2. Mother of 3
    27/07/2018 / 12:35 pm

    Those all sound pretty amazing! I always have the hardest time picking a vacation destination each year; there are just so many places I want to see and show my kids. Pinned.

    • Anonymous
      12/08/2018 / 11:03 pm

      I know what you mean! The World is your oyster! Thanks for pinning. xx

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