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I am so excited to tell you that these gorgeous gifts from Snapfish have arrived for a review this morning! My anticipation was so high and Snapfish has delivered! Literally!

I recently wrote 10 Stocking Fillers ideas with today I get a chance to review them with my own personalised gifts that I have specially designed to give to my special people!

And here they are! Aren’t they Fabulous?!

Travel Mug (£14.99): I was going to get a normal coffee mug but actually this gift is for Ethan and he likes to have his hot chocolate when we go out and about. The only thing is he almost always spills them everywhere and by the time it cool down there are usually hardly any left – so I thought this should be a hit in his stocking this year. With this I have bought my own a chocolate stirring spoon and place it in a clear plastic bag and fill them with marshmallows  – to place hidden inside the travel mug! Plus I can teach him about being a little more environmental friendly – no more paper cups is a bonus for everyone!


7″ x 5″ Photo Book (£9.99): This is a sentimental one for my mum. I have not been back to Thailand for over two years now. She is not a Facebook user and so she has missed all the events in all aspects of my life. The birth of my second child, all the milestones of both kids: Ethan bonding with Evelyn; Ethan pre-school graduation; Evelyn’s first crawl and her first walk; her first word; Ethan starting Reception; and our days-out of fun and adventures. I have chosen 30 photos to be printed into the book. However, you could have more! You can choose a theme and style to suit your specific occasion. There are over 30 themes to choose from! I went with Japanese Garden as it was bright and light in colour and design. I didn’t put any text on it as my Mum is unable to read English. I did not put any Thai writing either as I don’t know the language. But this book is something she can treasure it forever. Whenever she think of me, she can just pick up the book and have a look at these lovely photos. I found myself getting a little sentiment and teary as I wrap this up to be sent off tomorrow. Here are some of the pages inside…

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Photo ornament- snowflake (£7.99): So yes – where Christmas will be without an ornament decorations! Even better still an ornament with my little darlings on them. Here, I chose a photo of Ethan & Evelyn first Christmas together. These are so special as it means I can hanging up on our wonderfully decorated tree years after years after years! Well worth my money I have to say. So it turned out that this present is for me, because I’m deserves it – don’t you agree?! 😉

An extra set of photos (£0.77): Yes! I know! Just for a fraction of the price I was able to get an extra set of the photo of prints. This is so great as it means I can send them out to various people whom I have been out of touch with. Though, I have to say – even though it is only 77 pence, some photos have come out a little out of place – as in the photo subject is not centralised on each prints – but well…

I find Snapfish website very easy to use. It is very self explanatory. I thought that the uploading of the photos would take long even with big memories, but it didn’t take long at all – which was quite pleasantly surprised. The print quality and colouring is perfect. The paper thickness is good enough for it to be carried around, if my mum decided to show them off to her friends. This little book feels like an amazing postcard booklet that you would buy at the end of a good Gallery show – except it has your memories in them. The hard part is choosing which photos you want to add to it.

If you are ever going to create a photo book or thinking of giving some stocking fillers items, then I highly recommend Snapfish. I definitely think I will be ordering a photo book every time I go on a photographic holiday, (Thailand in Easter 2016! – so there is something to look forward to), as I am really pleased with the print quality. I may also print out larger sizes to start making a physical photography portfolio for clients as at the moment I only have my website to showcase. Let us keep print alive! There really is nothing quite like physical photographs.

Do you create books or ornaments of you memories? Shouldn’t we all find a way to keep our memories alive?

Last but not least, if you fancy to make a purchase on any of the above item. Snapfish is having a FINAL SALE for these great Christmas offers – Save up to 70%! Check them out here. Their last order date is 18th December 2015 for most items. Please check here.

Disclaimer – This post was in collaboration with Snapfish. I was given vouchers to purchase some products solely for the purpose of this review. All words and view of opinions are of my own. This is not an affiliate link and I will not gain any commission from it. I just thought I should let you know of the great offers going on on their website at the moment – that’s all. 🙂

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My Special Gifts to My Special People with
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