Help INNOVO® Break A World Record!

Help INNOVO® Break A World Record!


This summer, INNOVO® is attempting to break a world record and they need YOUR help! Help to break the world record for the most people simultaneously bouncing on mini-trampolines, and help us raise awareness of Incontinence conditions for World Continence Week (19-25 June) and Women in Sport Week.

While the world can be tough, we must never forget to make time for and to enjoy those everyday ‘wow’ moments that make us feel good about life. Londoners are leading the way with support from Olympian Rebecca Adlington by coming together with Innovo to enjoy a truly “wow” experience – and break a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ record title into the bargain – for mass trampolining on mini trampolines!

INNOVO® want to break the silence around those embarrassing “little leaks” and raise awareness of the condition so that we can help more sufferers overcome it.

Help INNOVO® Break A World Record!

I hope you agree this will be really important as bladder weakness affects 1 in 3 women in the UK and the primary cause is pregnancy and labour!

The record is currently held by Loughborough University who managed to reach 324 people. Come and join the party, and help us break the record!



Thursday 22nd June from 11am (World Record Attempt to take place from 12.30-1pm)

Register your interest: Please visit here to pre-register.

Free Admission | Kid Friendly | Music | Fun!

Where: Haggerston Park, London E2 8QH

Don’t forget the hashtag: #LiveForTheWow


Help INNOVO® Break A World Record!

Image Source: Hackney Council

Stay updated on event developments by either checking this event page or follow on their social pages:


*This is not a sponsor post. We just want to help to spread the words, and help to raise awareness.


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