#ExplorerKids – Round Up #31

Good morning!

Here is my four favourite #ExplorerKids this week. Thank you everyone for your contributions. Please also check out my lovely co-host Sarah’s @kippersandcurtains favourites 4s too! Remember anyone can join in the fun, you don’t need to be a blogger. 😄💖💖

#ExplorerKids – Round Up #31.
Top left: @afieldsomewhere

Toasty #explorerkids #wildtime #campingkids

I thought this was very cute! Nothing cuter more than wrapping a blanket up together. 💓 💓 💓

Top right: @watchingivygrow

At 7 mile beach, Grand Cayman…

One of the hardest things about becoming a Mum, for me, was trying to fit into a mould I wasn’t shaped for. Listening to people say “you can’t” or “not with a baby”. So I stopped listening and quit trying to be someone I wasn’t. And I just do the things I love, and I get so excited to share them with my daughter.

It’s not always easy. Yes, things are definitely harder with a baby. If you’ve never seen a baby throw a full blown tantrum on a paddle board (without falling off) you’re missing out. Especially when said baby rips down your bikini bottoms in a fit of rage only a toddler is capable of. Why am I saying all this? Because babies will be babies, and that tantrum will take place whether it’s on a paddle board, in a supermarket aisle or on your lounge room floor. Because some moments will test you. But those hard moments, those tough few minutes are so very worth the memories, the love, the exhaustion and the adventure. You CAN travel with a baby, if you want to. You can do whatever you like. Your way. In your time. Make your own mould. Don’t try and fit into a box that wasn’t built for you. Anything is possible. It takes creativity, passion, love and patience which is all I received from @kcpo_cayman today when I told them I wanted to put a baby on a paddle board. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! We’ll be back out soon.

Isn’t this one of the most wonderful adventure ever! 👍

Bottom left: @syle7

What do you do if it’s raining in your day off from school?! ☔️

Yes! Eat cakes! What else?! 😉

Bottom right: @pinkpearbear

At Over Farm Market…

We had so much fun yesterday! It was a Halloween event at a farm, they have a full on terror fest at night but do a lovely toned down daytime version for kids. My two had to dress up for the occasion of course, and wore their gorgeous costumes from @tp_fancy_dress and I saved a bit by painting their faces myself! There was a lot going on plus a chance to see all the farm animals. The live action bit was a bit too scary though, we all jumped a mile when the first actor jumped out on us, me included!! My daughter made me so proud by holding a snake in the reptile show too, she was really scared but did it anyway, that’s my girl!! What have your kids done to make you proud recently?

I love her photo. Her girl is just fabulous! 💖

And here are two favourites of my own of the week:

Ethan is enjoying Maths at school. He found counting numbers really easy. His teacher said he is now ready to learn his timetables. Sometimes he does his subtractions even without using his figures. I think he may has a gift for this. 😄✌👌👆 #proudmama . . #gifted #maths #math #mathematics #totsphoto #childofig #cameramama #momswithcamera #simplychildren #motherhood #mom_hub #momtogs #mumblogger #momblogger #pblogger #pixel_kids #unitinmotherhood #worldoflittles #littlefierceones #myhappycapture #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhoodrising #motherhoodunplugged #thejoyofparenting #rememberingthosedays #heartfluttermoments #capturingtheday #games #motherhood #mom_hub #momtogs #mumblogger #momblogger #pblogger

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There is no rules – just be nice and have fun commenting each other IG posts would be wonderfully appreciated.

Have fun!  Remember you don’t need to be a blogger to join in the fun! See you next week to find out which eight IG #ExplorerKids are to be featured! :)

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